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Tristen Woods and Lauren Sierra are founding partners at Jungle Law, a firm representing both human and animal clients.   Jungle Law's distinctive billboards and commercials always feature animals from local rescue groups.  Between their busy schedule of court appearances and case filings, Lauren and Tristen have also drafted the Animal Abuse Registry, which has received widespread media attention.  



Ingrid Burnett currently represents District #19 in the Missouri House of Representatives.  Rep. Burnett was born in St. Louis, MO, and has worked in both education and music since 1979.  She also served on the Kansas City Public School District School Board.  Rep. Burnett is sponsoring Missouri HB 43 & 44 in an unprecedented bi-partisan effort to penalize animal abuse and hold perpetrators accountable.

Ingrid Burnett, Animal Abuse Law, Animal Abuse Registry

KEITH ENGLISH (in memoriam)

Keith English represented District #68 in the Missouri House of Representatives.  In 2016, Rep. English proposed an Animal Abuse Registry Bill for the state of Missouri.  We are honored to continue his efforts and get this legislation passed.

Mr. Poore is an animal advocate, contributing countless hours to rescue organizations in both the Missouri and Kansas area.  He has established campaigns such as "Breakfast in Bed" for shelter animals. His efforts have resulted in hundreds of animals finding their safe and forever homes.

Keith English, Animal Abuse Law, Animal Abuse Registry
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