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Traditionally, the law regards animals as property.  But we see animals as our friends, our co-workers, and often our family members.  IT'S TIME FOR THE LEGAL SYSTEM TO MATCH OUR VALUE SYSTEM!


AN ANIMAL IS ABUSED EVERY 10 SECONDS IN THE US.  Statistics show that many people who

abuse animals, eventually inflict brutality onto other humans. We can stop this chain of violence

by standing up to abuse, and speaking out for animals who otherwise have no voice. 

Our current Animal Abuse Law has been drafted with provisions to increase penalties from misdemeanors (slap on the wrist), to felonies (real consequences.)   This will deter would-be abusers from committing crimes.   The law will also disclose the identities of convicted abusers, so their information can be published on the Animal Abuse Registry.

The Animal Abuse Registry (MO HB 44) will function like a Sex Offender Registry. 

Abusers who are convicted of a felony will have their pictures and other identifying

information published.   The registry will provide vital safety information for families with

children and pets.  It will also help animal rescue groups, who could use the registry to screen 

abusers from adopting. 

Many people are frustrated that animal abusers are charged, and sometimes even convicted of crimes, but the eventual punishments are minimal.  An Animal Abuse Registry will have real, lasting consequences on an abuser's reputation, profession and personal life.  The goal of this law is to deter not only animal abuse, but violence and harrasment towards human beings.

It doesn't cost you any money to support this bill.  Just by signing, you are helping pass legislation for animals and our community! 


Thank you for your support!

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